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Our Story

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Home Gym UK Community was established in 2018.

After embarking on the challenge of building our own Home Gym in the garage, we found there was no where to seek advice & guidance in the UK on the best way to do this.

Despite attending many different gyms over the years, we were still unsure which type of equipment was best to invest in.  

Due to this the Facebook group 'Home Gym UK Community' was born. All members could offer and receive advice and guidance on all Home Gym matters. The group has also created a very friendly and engaging community.

Home Gym UK Community Instagram was also created soon after the Facebook group to allow members to show their Home Gym creations. 

We have now established relationships with many companies, which supply quality equipment. This has enabled us to provide our community with honest & independent review, opinions & assistance on product design and the chance to win quality equipment for free or for a very small price. 

We have also carefully selected discount codes from trusted companies to save our community yet more money on their Home Gym creations.

You can find all our equipment reviews, discount codes & Prize Competitions on this website.


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