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Home Gym UK Community Approved Personal Trainers

All our approved personal trainers have vast experience via a Home Gym environment. This is shown through their clients results and testimonies.

All approved Personal Trainers can be found via our Facebook group.

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Don / Deej

Has been a face-to-face coach since 2012, when he graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a bachelor's degree in sport and exercise science.

Working on the gym floor since then he has clocked over 4000 hours of 1 to 1 coaching time in gyms such as. Fitness first, LA fitness, The Marriott hotel, Sports direct fitness, and aUK Health.

Big box gyms and private health clubs all provide a different experience and a chance to work with clients of all levels and abilities. 

Recently Deej moved into online coaching and now specialises in achieving fat loss results with parents wishing to do some of their gym work from home.

Focusing on a holistic approach to level up the mind and body while also focusing on time management and finding a balance between the needs of your family and pursuing your own goals.

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