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Our approved companies for gym equipment have shown exemplary service with quality gym equipment. 

If you have had a brilliant service from a company and want to let us know, contact Home Gym UK below.


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2020 gym retailer of the year winners. Founded by ex Royal Marine, Grant and entrepreneur Ryan, with a shared vision to make an impact on the industry. "We want to create a healthier nation, that's what motivates us. We spend our time trying to educate and inspire. Yes we love our kit, but what energises us is helping people get results. Whether that's because of content, or one of our campaigns ('noexcuses' provided 4 members of the public with a gym fit out, personal trainers and nutrition), or initiatives (recommended PT - were we help give those PT's that we really rate, a platform, and help members of the public find their ideal PT match) or simply because we provide amazing kit. We just want to help, and make an impact."

Over the past 12 months They've worked with chain commercial gyms, independent gyms, private studios, celebs, sports stars, and the public.There main products are free weights, whether that is dumbbells, barbells, racks, benches, kettlebells or plates etc. Naturally we have other products, but these make up 75% of our market.

We are based in the Cotswolds, we have a showroom which doubles up as a guest gym.

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